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The story behind FAB


I never imagined that I would see the day that I weighed 515 pounds, but I did. I am not really sure how my life spiraled out of control and I made it to this point. It just happened seems like.


There I was riddled with depression, limited mobility, and at a loss for hope. I was imprisoned in my own body.

To be honest this imprisonment didn't bother me as much until I became a mother. From growing up the one aspiration that I had was to become a mother.  As an adolescent I felt everything I loved, I loss. I loss them to death or to other situations, such as drug abuse or abandonment. I believed that being a mom would afford me the opportunity to give and receive love UNCONDITIONALLY.


At the age of 23 years old I gave birth to my first child. I loved him more than life and he loved me. Life should have been great, but it was not. I had the love, but I soon feared that I would miss out on a lot of special moments in his life due to my limited mobility.  Because of my weight I damaged my knees and was threatened to be a double amputee. My back and knees would hurt with every move. I started to have panic attacks from the pain when in public and no longer wanted to go places without knowing all the ins, and outs. Will there be chairs, will the chair hold me, will the chairs have arms, will I have to walk to get inside, will there be stairs or an elevator? Question after question.

Being a mother and not being able to get around much  was conquerable the first couple of years. Problem was my son became more active as the years went by. We arrived at a point that he needed more from me than I could give. That hurt!!! Hurt so bad that I began to have thoughts of suicide. Just like I didn't see how I reached 515 pounds, I could not see how I would lose the weight.

But God!!! Elohim believes in second chances. He can take our misfortunes and use them for his glory. Not only has my life been drastically changed (no longer threatened to be a double amputee,  off high blood pressure medications, down over 300 pounds) but I am the CEO of Finding Acceptable Balance Coaching LLC, and helping thousands of other get their health back thru faith.  With FAB I travel Nationally and reached tens of thousands of homes world wide via social media.  Speaking and providing them with low impact fitness classes, spiritual development classes, weight loss classes, a sisterhood of support,  tools/resources.


My mission is to travel the world and spread hope. Letting others know  that life can sometimes take rough turns, but to trust in God. All things work for our good in the end. 

I want to give a huge thank you to my husband and 4 beautiful children for supporting me along this journey and giving me the encouragement to keep going.

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